Welcome to Jhumpura College Sunday, 24 October 2021

The College Library is well furnished and equipped with a Computer -Cum- Xeroxing system. Member of the teaching staff, non teaching staff, students and other persons specially permitted by the College authority may use the library. The users of the library are required to follow the following library rules.

  1. The Library is open during the College hours.
  2. The Library remains closed on Sunday and authorised holidays.
  3. Issue of books or return are not allowed after 2.30p.m.on every working days.
    The above rules are applicable to all the borrowers
  4. Class of Borrowers No. of Books Time Limit for retaining the books
    Members of teaching staff 10 30 days
    Members of non teaching staff 03 15 days
    +3 Hons students 03 15 days
    +3 students 02 15 days
    +2 students 02 15 days
  5. Students must produce their Library card at the time of issue of books.
  6. Each borrower must examine the condition of books before it is issued. In case of mutilation discovered latter responsibility will be on the borrower.
  7. Books should be returned within the period allowed to the borrower.
  8. Students not returning books after 15days will have to give fine @Rs.0.50 paisa per day.
  9. When this date of return of the books falls on a holiday, it should be returned on the day the College opens.
  10. Examinees are to retrun the library books before filling of forms for CHSE & University Examination .
  11. Duplicate Library Card can only be issued on the application duly granted by the college authority and also a fine of Rs.15/-.
  12. When the College closes for a long vacation the books should be returned on or before the date noticed for the purpose by the college authority
  13. If any borrower keeps the books in his possession for more than this limit period, no more books will be issued to him.
  14. A book once issued to a borrower may be reissued to him/ her only when nobody wants to take the books.
  15. Any book lost, damaged or defaced by a borrower must be replaced by him, if replacement should not be possible the borrower must pay double of the recent price of this book or the value will be fixed by the college authority.
  16. All books are to be returned during physical stock verification.
  17. Students shall not be allowed to retain the books during summer vacation

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