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P.S. College Jhumpura has a students union and a number Associations for +3 students. Besides there are also separate Association for students of +2 stream. The students union and other societies run by students. This college has the following association and society for +3 degree students.
1. Students Union
2. Day scholars association
3. The athletic association/ Club
4. Dramatic Society/ Scout
5. Social service Guide

  1. The name of the students union shall be the P.S College students Union, Jhumpura.
  2. Aims & Objectives
    1. To foster & encourage academic spirit among the students and develop a fellow feeling among the members of the union and a sense of unity and co-operation among them.
    2. To work for the development of cultural life and to uphold the moral values of the students community.
    3. To promote educational, social and cultural way of life among student community and dignity of the college.
  3. Function:
    1. To organize debates and symposia on cultural and academic problems.
    2. To organise discussion on general, cultural,academic, national and International problems.
    3. To invite eminent persons to address the union.
    4. To discharge such other functions as the principal may advise or the executive committee may decide with the prior permission of the principal.
  4. All these proposals are proposed by the union and approved by the Principal.
  5. WORKING YEAR The working year will be the academic year.
  6. MEMBERSHIP All bonafied +3 students of the college are ipso-facto members of the college union.
  7. Executive committee
    There shall an executive committee of the students union consisting of (i) President, (ii) Vice- President, (iii) General Secretary, (iv) Asst General Secretary (v) one clan representative from each clan inclusive of Arts, Science and Commerce (vi) One girls representation for the Girls Students.
    1. The Executive committee shall discuss the budget at the first meeting for the session and discuss add divide from time to time upon all other matters concerning the activities of the union in accordance with the provision laid down to the calendar.
    2. An ordinary meeting of the Executive committee will be called by the secretary in consultation with the adviser, Notice of such meeting with date, time and agenda shall be given to members at least 48 hours s prior to the meeting
    3. An extra ordinary meeting of the committee can be called any time by the principal.
    4. A meeting of the committee shall be presided over by the president or in his absence, by the vice president and in absence of both, by any members of the committee elected at the meeting, such election being conducted by the adviser.
    5. Non meeting of the executive committee except meeting convened under rule-c of this section can be conducted without the adviser or associate adviser.:
    6. The quorum for meeting of the executive committee shall be 50% of the members of the committee. Meeting adjourned for want of quorum shall not need a quorum on its next meeting provided three days notice is given to the members.
    7. The minute of the meeting shall be maintained by the secretary and a copy there of shall be communicated to the principal through the adviser within two days.
    The Principal shall be the Ex- officio head and the final authority of the union. Everything done or proposed to be none by the union shall be subject to his approval.

    His Functions:
    (a) To conduct the Annual Election of the College
    (b) To approve the budget (by making alternation of necessary) paned by the executive committee.
    (c) To carryon all related correspondences.
    There shall be on Adviser and one or more Associate advisers who are nominated by the principal from among the teaching staff. The following are the functions of the adviser and Associated advisors.
    1. The adviser shall be the president at all the ordinary meetings of the union. He will assist by helpful suggestions, If necessary in the proper conduct of the meeting. the president may refer to him and rule for interpretation and the decision of the adviser, when so referred to him , shall be final.
    2. The adviser or the associate advisers may at time during a meeting at the request of the president, explain the scope and effect of motion or amendment.
    3. The adviser when unable to be present at a meeting may request the associate adviser to take his place and he shall discharge all the functions of the adviser.
    4. The adviser or the associate adviser presides over a meeting of the executive committee , if he is specially requested by the president to do so..
    A student of +3 IIIrd year class is eligible to contest for the president. students union of the college. A president so elected (or nominated by the principal ) has to discharge the following functions.
    1. The president shall preside over all the ordinary meetings the union at which he is present and over the extra-ordinary meetings subject to section -687 of the chapter -VI.
    2. He shall be responsible for maintaining order and interpreting the rules. His rulings shall be final except when he request the adviser give a ruling in which case the ruling of the adviser shall be final.
    3. To discharge such other functions as are assigned to him the constitution or by the adviser or by the principal.
    A student of +3 IInd/ 1st Year class is eligible to stand as the Vice- President, students union. In the absence of the president or in case of vacancy occuring in the office of the president, the Vice -President elected (or nominated by the principal) shall assume all his rights and function of the president.
    A Student of +3 IIIrd year class eligible to contest for the post of secretary students union of the college. The General Secretary has to discharge the following functions.
    1. The General Secretary shall arrange debates and give notice to the members of all the meetings, whether annual, ordinary or extra ordinary.
    2. He shall select the topics for discussion and debates ordinary meetings in consultation with the advisor and the president and make all other arrangements for such meetings.
    3. He shall convene meetings and as the executive officer or the union, he shall execute the decision of the committee.
    4. He shall execute the decision of the committee.
    5. He shall maintain proper accounts and vouchers of the expenditures of the union.
    6. He shall discharge such other functions, as are assigned to him by the constitution or by the adviser or by the Principal.
    7. The General Secretary being the executive officer of the union he shall executive the decision of the committee after minutes being approved by the members and signed by the President.
    Any student of +3 class eligible for the post of Asst, Secretary,students union. The Asst,General Secretary shall assist the secretary in discharge of his duties and in his absence perform all his function.
    Every class of+3stream is entitled to send are representative to the executive committee of the union. If there is vacancy for any clan the representative may be nominated by the principal.
    Lady representative to the executive committee of the union shall be elected by the woman students of +3 stream only. If there is no elected member of the principal may nominate a lady representative for the purpose.

The membership of the Associations or the society are open to all the students of +3 stream of our college.


There is an executive committee for each Association /Society consisting of following members except Athletic Association and the college magazine.
1. Principal (Ex-officio President)
2. Vice-President (s) nominated by the principal.
3. Secretary (To be elected by the students)
4. Asst. Secretary -do-
5. Class representative -do-(one from each class)

In case of Athletic Association the executive committee will consist of the following members.
i) Principal-(Ex-officio Principal)
ii) Vice President (nominated by the Principal)
iii) The Physical Education Teacher
iv) Secretary (To be elected by the students)
v) Asst. Secretary -do-
vi) Class representative -do-(one from each class)
vii) One or two members students nominated by the Principal, if he thinks that such persons will serve the best interest of the Association.

The quorum for an ordinary meeting of the committee shall of 50%of the total members of the committee.
The vice -president of the society /association is to preside over all the meetings of the executive committee and is to keep the society association under his direct supervision. He may request the associate Vice-President to provide over the meetings if he is unable to attend the meeting.
The Secretary is to keep up to date accounts accurately and organized all the functions with the approval of the vice president and the final approval of the president i.e Principal.
The Asst. Secretary is to assist the secretary and is to act as the Secretary in the absence of the secretary.

The committee of Management shall.
a) Present report of activities and statement of account in the Annual General meeting.
b) Transact all other business relating to the management of the society.

The funds of all the Associations and the societies including the students union will be under the control of the principal and expenditure to be made shall get the approval of the principal. The principal will be the final authority in all matters relating to the association and the society.


The association will be named as
"The Day Scholar's Association,P.S. College, Jhumpura "
a) Any student of +3 stream can participate as Secretary and for Asst. Secretary a student of +3 1st or 2nd year can contest the election.
b) Rules governing students union election, vacancies in office etc.shall be applicable to this association.
c) The aim of the Association is to foster the spirit of fellowship through cultural activities, to develop a spirit of co-operation and discipline among all the day scholars of the college.
d) To celebrate Puja (Ganesh Puja & Saraswati Puja)

The following executive committee will manage the affairs of the Association.
1) President -Principal (Ex officio)
2) Vice President and Associate Vice President (To be nominated by the principal)
3) A Secretary and an Asst-Secretary to be elected by Day Scholars from them selves.
4) One class representative from each class.

1. The Executive Committee will draw up the budget estimate for the session and submit it to Principal for his approval.
2. All requisitions of money shall be routed through the vice president.
3. The Asst. Secretary shall function secretary if the latter ceases to functions as per rules.


The Association will be named as "The Athletic Association Panchayat Samiti College Jhumpura.
a) Any student of +3 stream can be the members of the Athletic Association and can participate in the election for the post of Secretary. The Asst. Secretary can be contested by +3 1st / 2nd year student..
b) The following executive committee members manage the affairs of the Athletic Association.
i) President -Principal (Ex-officio)
ii) Vice President and Associate vice president (to be nominated by the Principal from among the Teaching staff)
iii) The Physical Education Teacher.
iv) The Principal will nominate the secretary and the Asst .Secretary if they not elected.

AIM AND OBJECTIVES: To promote athletic activities among the students.
a) The principal or the nominee from among the teaching staff and P.E.T. will choose the captain and the vice captain for all the outdoor games provided in college.
b) The secretary and the Asst. Secretary can not be the captain for any game. It a students is selected for the posts, he shall have resign from other of the post.

a) He will incharge of the fund, accounts and all correspondence including the purchases of sports materials.
b) He will be the general superintendent of all games.

The Associate vice president (s) will not act as the vice president of in his absence or in his directions.

a) He will be the convener of the meetings with due approval of the vice president in all cases.
b) He will prepare the Annual Report.
c) He will conduct all correspondences assigned to him by the vice president.

a) He will select Mayers for friendly and competitive matches.
b) To be incharge of the grounds set apart for the games.
c) To do such work in connection with games as the vice president may assign to him.

The P.E.T. shall perform the following works under the direct supervision of the vice president.
a) To maintain the following Registers.
    i) Invoice Register
    ii) Issue Register
    iii) Subsidiary cash book
    iv) Guard files for the vouchers
    v) Stock Register
b) To attend all correspondence and maintain files
c) To prepare students for all types of competitions.
d) To look after the play ground.
e) To do such work in connection with college games and sports as the vice president assigns to him.

The Society will be named as "The Dramatic Society. Panchayat Samiti College, Jhumpura "The following executive committee will manage the affairs of the society.
i) President Principal (Ex Officio)
ii) Vice President and Associate vice presidents-To be nominated by principal from among the teaching staff.
iii) The secretary -To be elected from among from any +3 students of +3 stream. The principal will nominate if nobody elected.
iv) The Asst. Secretary post can be contested from +3 1st /2nd year student.
v) Class representative (One from each classes)


  1. To encourage the cultivation of Dramatic Art among the members by arranging the dramatic performance.
  2. To promote cultural activities like dance, music song and monoaction / Dialogue any students.
  3. All the decision shall be subject to the approval of the principal.
  4. Social Service Guild
    1. The name of Guild is P.S.College Jhumpura Social Service Guild, There shall be one guild for +3 students another for +2 students.
    2. Aims and objects of the Guild are:
      1. To render social service of any description.
      2. To advice the principal in granting stipends to the needs and deserving students of College.

There shall be an Executive Committee consisting to the following -
President: Principal(Ex-Officio)
Vice-President: Nominated by the Principal from among members of the staff
Secretary: Elected/ nominated from among the students separately for +2 classes, +3 classes.
Assistant Secretary: Elected from among +2, 1st year and +3,1st year, IInd year students separately will be elected. Other members are nominated by the principal from among the staff.
The secretary shall convince the -Executive Committee meeting of the Social Service Guild. He shall record proceedings of all the meetings . The Executive Committee will recommend to the principal every year the names of the poor deserving students who may receive aid from the guild. Students Common Room- Boys & Girls- Any Student of +3 Classes.
The +2 stream shall have following societies/ association by the order of D.H.E Orissa, Bhubaneswar.
a) +2 Cultural Association
b) +2 Athletic Association
c) +2 Dramatic Society
d) +2 Day Scholar Association
e) Social Service Guild

i) The Secretary for each of the above Associations shall be elected by the students of +2 stream.
ii) The secretary will be elected from among the +2 IInd year student and the Asst, secretary from among the +2 1st year students.
iii) The above association / Societies will be guided by the rules as mentioned for the Associations/ societies of +3 stream.
iv) The Principal is the final authority in all matters relating to any controversy of the rules.

i) To organize discussion and debates of general academic and cultural interest.
ii) To foster the spirit of Co-operation and fellowship among the students of +3 stream.
iii) To develop the spirit of discipline among the day scholar students
iv) To promote the cultivation of dramatic art among the students.
vi) Invite eminent persons of talent from outside for discussion.


"Anwesta" the mouth piece of P.S.College, Jhumpura . It is published annually carrying literary expressions of the students and staff.
The magazine is edited by a chief-editor with the instance of a Board of Editors all nominated by the principal from among the members of the teaching staff.
Original literary writings in Oriya , English and Hindi really handwritten only outside of a full scape white paper and invite by the Chief Editor during a notified period of time every year.
Any Student from +3 and +2 may remain as representative in the Editional Board of ANWESTA.


  1. Funds of the College union and all societies/associations shall be under the custody of the principal and shall be operated by him.
  2. Each society / association will prepare budget shall be submitted to the principal for his approval.
  3. The amount spent towards conducting The Annual College Election shall be meet from the College union fund.
  4. The requisition for funds shall be made to the principal by the secretary through the adviser/V.P.
  5. The secretary shall receive payments from the office on proper receipt counter signed by Adviser / V.P.
  6. Expenditure statements together with vouchers countersigned by the adviser/ V.-P.shall be submitted by the Secretary to the office ordinarily within two weeks from the date of advance.
  7. Funds shall be requisitioned strictly in accordance with budget amount.
  8. Requisitions reach the office one week advance of actual requirements.
  9. No second advance shall ordinarily be allowed unless the earlier one is properly accounted for.
  10. The secretary of each society /association shall place the accou=nts of the year for discussion and passing. Here after adviser/Vice President will issue no dues certificate to the concerned secretary which he shall produce before he is promoted to next higher class or allowed to sit in the university or council Examination or take CLC as the case may be.
  11. The account of the Athletic Association will , whoever be maintained by P.ET. and governed by such rules as provided in the Athletic Association.
  12. All article of permanent nature, purchased by the union, societies or Associations will remain in the custody of the vice-president. Athletic Association who will maintain the account and stock of the same through the P.E.T. or the College, These articles can be loaned to other societies on requisition of the V.P. of the concerned society.


There is the provision for the Annual College Election for the different offices of the Students' Union and other societies / Association, once in a year. The principal shall fix a suitable date in consultation with the adviser and officers in-charge of election to the condition that there is normal in the College or the DHE notified ( as the Govt. of Orissa, Dept of Higher Education) the date for the election for all colleges for Orissa. If it is felt that untowards situation is prevailing in the college, the election of the college can be suspended at any time before the election by the principal. And if necessary in absence of elected executive principal may committees. in the manner to be specified by him.


  1. For holding any election. at least a seven days notice or as the Govt of Orissa Higher Education Department notified shall be given the principal before the election.
  2. Nomination is prescribed form to such election duly proposed and seconded shall reach the principal in writing at least four clear days before the date of election or as notified by the Government of Orissa, Department of Higher Education.
  3. Member can seek election for one office only.
  4. No student can propose or second for more than one candidate competing for the same office.
  5. Only the bonafied students of the college will contest the office and proposer


The following is the list of posts along with the class/classes of students who can contest for the said posts. class /classes is /are mentioned in brackets against the posts.
1. a) President (Any student of +3 IIIrd yr, Class)
b) Vice- President (Any Student of +3 Ist year & IInd Year Class)
c) General Secretary - Any student of +3 IIIrd Year Classes
d) Class Representative - (One from each Class to be elected by the students for the same Class.

a) Secretary Any student of + 3 Classes
b) Assistant Secretary (Any student of +3,1st & 2nd Yr Classes)
c) Class Representative - (One from each Class)

a) Secretary Any student of +3 Classes
b) Assistant Secretary (Any student of + 3 1st year and 2nd year Classes
c) Class Representative (One from each Class)

a) Secretary Any student of + 3 3rd year Classes
b) Assistant Secretary (Any student of +3 Ist & 2nd Yr Classes)

a) Secretary (Any student of +2 IInd yr. Classes)
b) Assistant Secretary (Any student of +1 1st yr. Class)
c) Class representative - (One from each Class) Stream wise
d) Women's representative (One among the women students)
a) Secretary (Any student of +2 IInd yr. Classes)
b) Assistant Secretary (Any student of +2 1st yr. Class)
c) Class representative - (One from each Class)
a) Secretary (Any student of +2 IInd yr. Classes)
b) Assistant Secretary (Any student of +2 1st yr. Class)
c) Class representative - (One from each Class) Stream wise
d) Women's representative (One among the women students)
a) Secretary (Any student of +2 IInd yr. Classes)
b) Assistant Secretary (Any student of +2 1st yr. Class)
c) Class representative - (One from each Class)
a) Secretary (Any student of +2 IInd yr. Classes)
b) Assistant Secretary (Any student of +2 1st yr. Class)
c) Class representative - (One from each Class)
(BOYS & GIRLS) - Any student from +2 Classes


  1. The scope of these Rules shall be confined to P.S.College. Jhumpura Dist. Keonjhar, that shall no case contradict the government circular published from time to time The principal shall have the discretionary power to adopt, reject assigning any reason thereof. The decision of the principal is final.
  2. The Principal after consultation with the Election Officer and after the publication of Government Notification of matters of students' Election shall notify the conduct of student' Election to different offices of students union, +2 Cultural Association and allied Association/ society /Clubs at least seven days before the commencement of the Election provided that a congenial and peaceful atmosphere prevails in the college. The Principal shall have the power for not conducting the Election if it goes against the interest of the college and threaten it academic climate.
  3. will be complete disassociation of students election and student representation from political parties.
  4. During the period of Election no person, who is not a student on the rolls of the college, shall be permitted take part in the election process in any capacity.
    1. Students whose names occur in the list of voters supplied by the office & process valid renewed /* fresh/ duplicate identity card can only cast their votes & be proposer/ Seconder or a candidate to a post.
    2. For inclusion of names in the list of voters a student should be on the roll and should all college dues & renewed his/her identity card. If it is lost he/she must procure the valid duplicate identity card.
  5. Students will have to produce their valid Identity Cards at the time of (i) Filling & submission of Nomination Papers (ii) Withdrawing Nomination (iii) Proposing a candidate (iv) Seconding a candidate (v) Voting.
  6. Students are instructed not to disfigure the college/Hostel building for campaigning. Use of printed, banners, hoarding , leaflets, etc for campaigning inside the college campus is strictly prohibited as per the instruction of Govt. of Orissa.
  7. A student has to be in the college Uniform during the period of Election process.


  1. The candidates willing to contest election; should have attained at least the age of 15years on the date of filing nomination paper (s) for +2 stream and between 17 to 22 years for +3stream
  2. If a candidate is failed in one or more subjects) and has not passed in the failed subject ( s) till the date of filling nomiation paper (s) then he / she will not be eligible to contest in the election
  3. The candidate should in no event have any academic arrears in the year of contesting the election.
  4. The candidates should have attained the minimum percentage of attendance as prescribed by the CHSE/University of 75% attendance which ever is higher
  5. The candidate shall have one opportunity to contest for the post of office bearer and two opportunities to contest for the post of an executive member
  6. The candidate shall not have a previous criminal record. that is to say he/she should not have been tried and / or convicted of any criminal offence or misdemeanor. The candidate shall also not have been subjected to any disciplinary action by the CHSE/ University authorities.
  7. The candidate must be regular, full time student of the college and should not be a distance /proximate education student
  8. Apart from the above rules the directives of the Government, DHE, Orissa from time to time shall be in force to ensure the process of election.


  1. The maximum permitted expenditure per candidate in the college Election shall be Rs5.000/-
  2. Each candidate shall within two weeks of the declaration of the result., submit complete and certified (to be certified by the candidate) accounts to the college authorities. The college shall/ publish such accounts within 2 days of submission of accounts body may freely examine the same.
  3. The Election of the candidate will be nullified in the event of any non-compliance or in the even of any-excess expenditure.
  4. With the view to prevent the in low of funds from political parties into the student election process, the candidates are specially barred from utilising funds from any other sources than voluntary contributions from the student body.


  1. Notice for sale of Nomination Forms shall be given sufficiently ahead of the date of nomination.
  2. The candidates can purchase nomination forms by paying Rs10.00 (rupees ten) only per form.
  3. The candidates can refer the guidelines available with Librarian, Election Officer and Dealing Assistant. Guideline are also displayed in; the notice board.
  4. The candidates shall bring with them a proposer and a seconder who shall have the minimum eligibility condition.
  5. It is the responsibility of a candidate to see that his proposer has not proposed another candidate for the same office
  6. The candidate should fill in the Nomination Form Legibly and meticulously his own; hand writing and put his signature in the appropriate place.
  7. No nomination shall be accepted after the schedule time.
  8. The start and closure of filing of Nomination shall be announced by a single stroke of bell.
  9. The Nomination Form shall bear the serial number, date of issue and signature of the officer who issued.
  10. In case a candidate wish to file nomination papers but fails to present himself / herself at the counter due to sickness or other causes, he/she may authorise the proposer /seconder or any other student of the college to submit the nomination paper's but fails to present himself/herself at the counter due to sickness or other causes, he/she may authorise the proposer/seconder or any other student of the college to submit the nomination paper's on his/her behalf along with his/her identity card and Medical Certificate from a registered doctor or an application to the principal mentioning the cause for filling nomination absentia, as the case may be the letter of authorisation must bear the name, roll no, class of the candidate as well as of the person authorised. Candidate may use the given proforma for letter of Authorisation Nomination forms shall be accepted only if signature is need to be attested by the same doctor who has issued medical certificate.
  1. The beginning and closure of the time for scrutinizing on the day specified shall be indicated by single stroke of bell.
  2. The Candidates their proposers and seconders shall be allowed to remain present at the time of scrutiny.
  3. The Nomination shall be rejected on the following grounds and the grounds specification elsewhere
    1. If the entries are incorrect
    2. If the form is not complete in all respect.
    3. If the entries contradict the notification.
    1. All entries regarding name, class, roll no & office for which nomination is filed should be legibly and correctly written. If any entry is illegible and / or incorrect, the nomination is liable for rejection
    2. The nomination paper(s) not sighed by the candidate and / or proposer and seconder is / are liable to be rejected.
    3. It is the sole responsibility of the candidate to see that his / her proposer and seconder remain present at the time of scrutiny, If they fail to make themselves present for clarification / verification, the nomination paper(s) will be rejected.
  1. Candidates if so desire may withdraw their nominations in writing in the given format in time.
  2. The date & time specified for the purpose must be strictly adhered to.
  3. The candidate wishing to withdraw from the contest must present himself before the Principal/ Authorised Officer(s) present in the Principal's office with his/her identity card to be checked and put his/her signature in the withdrawal form in his/ their presence and submit it.
  4. Under no circumstances other mode for withdrawal shall be entertained.
  5. If a candidate wishes to withdraw from the contest but fails to present himself/ herself due to sickness or other causes he/ she may authorise a student to submit the withdrawal form on hjis/her behalf along with his/her identity card issued by the college.
    The letter of authrisation must bear the name. class, and roll no of the candidate as well as the person authorised Candidate may use the given proforma for Letter of Authorisation. Such withdrawals shall be accepted only if the signature of the candidate on the withdrawal form and on his/ her identity card on comparison found to be same to ;the satisfaction of the Principal/ Authorised Officers present
  6. The Principal/ Authorised Officer(s) shall be present in the Principal's Office on the specified date and
  7. In case of any doubt or problem the students / candidates are advised to consult the Election Officer/ Associate Election Officer.


    1. The meeting on "Why I stand for" shall be held as per the programme on the notified date, It will start from 11.30 A.M. The place of such meeting will be notified by the Principal in order to give the contesting candidates a scope to introduce themselves to the voters and to solicit their votes
    2. All the contestants address the meeting when their turn comes.
    3. The candidate will be called to speak in order of their names which occur in the list of contestants.
    4. All the contestants will be given three minutes to speak.
    5. In case a candidate does not turn up when his/her turn comes, he/she will not be allowed to speak.
    1. The candidates are advised to speak in a gentle & honourable manner.
    2. They are not allowed to use fifty /derogatory language / gesture of any nature during their speeches.
    3. The content & subject of the speech must be related to the general interest of the institution /students/employees.
    4. The candidates are advised not to cast aspersion on others nor should they assassin the personal character of others.e)They should not say anything if their speech which may bring disrepute to the institution /employees / Govt.
    5. The guidelines given here are not exhaustive, The Principal / officers(s)present at the meeting may issue instruction from time to time which must be adhered to.
    6. In case a candidate contravenes any of the above guidelines /instructions , warnings shall be issued in the first instance on further repetition ,the microphone, if in use, shall be switched off immediately and disciplinary action shall be initiated.


  1. There will be different booths for students of different classes to cast their votes which will be notified later.
  2. The process of polling shall start as per he prescribed and scheduled date & time as notified by order of the DHE, Govt of Orissa
  3. All students whose name occur in the list of voter can cast their votes following the prescribed procedures.
  4. Students must wait in queues at the specified booths and enter one by one with their valid up to date identity cards. Students identity cards for foters is a means of establishing their identity at the time of polling. So students shall have to produce identity cards to exercise their franchise when they come to their specified booths.
  5. Students without identity cards will not be allowed to cast their votes under any circumstances. However .there is possibility of missing of identity cards. As matter of about precaution, the college authority has decided not deprive any student from casting his/her vote. Such odd electors who have lost their identity cards or unable to bring or produce them for reasons beyond their control, as an alternative arrangements will be issued Identity Slips for the purpose of voting.
  6. After entering the booths students are advised to produce their identity cards/ identity slips before the officers present there for checking and follow all the instructions of the officers.
  7. The voting will be secret single and non-transferable.
  8. A voter has to his/her signature in full against his /her name and roll no while receiving the ballot paper.
  9. Student shall vote by putting the Swastik mark against the name of the candidate whom he/she wishes to vote. No other methods of voting shall be entertained
  10. It is the responsibility of the candidate/ their authorised agents to remain present during the process of polling & counting at their own interest.
  11. A candidate may appoint one agent for each booth where voting to the post for which he/ she is contesting is going on. The agents so appointed may be present there from the start of poll till counting is over.
  12. The candidate may appoint agents in the a proper format issued to them and get it approved by the Election officer/ Associated Election Officer to the poling officers in the booths. They must show their identity cards to the officers on demand.
  13. The agents so appointed should reach the booths at least 15 minutes prior to polling time and remain present throughout the polling period .They are advised to sit silently at places assigned by the officers present there and observe the process. In case of their urgent needs they must seek the permission of the officers while leaving and entering the booth.
  14. No one except the following can be allowed to enter the polling booth a) The voters of concerned Booth
    b) The polling personnel.
    C) The Election Officers.
    d) Anyone so authorized.
    e) The candidates of their authorised agents.
  15. In case or any irregularity in the process or voting and counting if ob served, it may be brought to the notice of the presiding officer(s)present . The presiding officer shall try to start cut/rectify as per his/ her ability or shall bring the same to the notice of the Election Officers /Principal for decision
  16. There will be warning bell 5minutes before the closure of the poll. The presiding officers should issue chits before 5minutes to the voters if, present in the polling area in order to allow them to exercise their franchise beyond the voting time. For doing so the voters so assembled
  17. Students should come with proper dress code for the purpose of casting votes.

  1. Counting of votes will be held in the specified counting hall (s) as per the scheduled time as fixed by DHE Govt. of Orissa the same day and continue till the end of the process.
  2. Officers-in-Charge of polling will be held in the specified counting hall (s) as per the scheduled time as fixed by Government of Orissa Department of Higher Education
  3. Candidates/ Agents are advised to be present in their respective counting hall (s) while counting process continues
  4. Invalid votes:
    a) No other Marks(s)/mode of voting shall be valid except the supplied "Swastik Mark"
    b) A ballot paper shall be Invalid if it can not be determined for which candidate the vote is recorded or if any mark is placed on the ballot paper by voter by which he/she may be identified or if the vote is record for more than one candidate to be elected or no vote is recorded. However, if the Swastik Mark" given against a name is impressed on the name of the same candidate due to vertical folding of ballot paper, it will be treated as valid.
  5. After counting is over, the Principal shall declare in the form of notice specifying the time of which the counting is over
  6. There after a contestant may seek recounting in writing to the Principal within one hour of the counting is over.
  7. The candidate for a post who gets second largest numbers of votes can apply for recounting if the difference of votes polled is two or less than two, with recounting fee or Rs 100/- (Rupees One Hundred Only)
  8. The contestant applying for recounting must specify the reasons for doing so.
  9. The Principal/Authorized Officers( along with the Election Officer/Associate Election Officer shall thereafter consider the claim and in case it is found to be justified to their satisfaction shall determine the date/place and mode of recounting.
  10. Incase the reason(s) for recounting is /are found to be unjustified / unsatisfactory, the Principal may disallow it.
  11. The result of the election for the post(s) for which recounting is allowed shall be withheld and other result shall be declared
  12. When recounting of votes for a post is allowed the result of recounting shall be binding and final for all and no further recounting shall be allowed.
    At the time of recounting no agents of the candidates shall be allowed into the counting hall. The candidates for the said post (s) only will be allowed to observe the process . In case the candidate is unable to remain present due to sickness or other causes. he/her behalf. Such authorization must bear the name, class and roll no of the candidate as well as the person authorized and counter signed by the Election Officer/Associate Election Officer/Principal
  13. The valid votes shall be counted and the candidate for any officer post obtaining the, largest number of votes shall be declared elected.
  14. In case of equal number of votes shall be declared elected.
  15. In case of equal number of votes between any two or more candidates, the election of the successful candidate shall be determined by toss.
  16. Election result may be notified / published by the college authority and notice/ posters containing the names of the elected representatives shall be affixed at the conspicuous places of the college.


The oath taking ceremony of the elected representatives shall be held on the place and time of oath taking ceremony shall be notified by Principal. The elected candidates are to take an oath of office and allegiance to the constitute of the students' union/ cultural association allied societies/ associations, as the case I'll lay be, in the manners as determined by the principal
The tenure of office of an elected office bearer will be over at the moment he/she receives his/her admit card of Council or University examination or on 31st May which ever is earlier.
All vacancies of office bearers may be filled up by the principal he desires.


The following code of conduct is to be strictly followed from the date of notification till the end of the election process.

  1. No student/Contestant should come to the college in an inebriated condition
  2. No student/contestant should misbehave any member of staff of the college.
  3. No student/ contestant shall use any type of offensive language/ gesture in the colege campus.
  4. No quarrel/ threatening/ assaults facts of violence among the students uniform/dress code as notified earlier by the college.
  5. No Student/contestant is allowed in the college campus being armed or associated with any non-student interfering / propagating in the college election.
  6. No students/ contestant is allowed in the college campus without the students uniform/dress code as notified earlier by the college.
  7. No candidate shall indulge in. nor shall abet. any activity. which may aggravate existing different castes and communities, religion or linguistic or between any group (s) of students.
  8. Criticism of other candidates, when made, shall be confined to their policies and program\s, past record and work Candidates shall refrain from criticism of all aspects of private life, not connected with the public activities of the other candidates or their supporters based on unverified aIIegations or distortion shall be avoided
  9. There shall no appeal to caste or communal feelings for securing votes. Places of worship, within or without the campus shall not be used for election propaganda.
  10. All candidate shall be prohibited from indulging or abetting, all activities which are considered to be " Corrupt Practices" and offences, such as bribing of voters, intimidation of voters, impersonation of voter, canvassing or the used for election propaganda within 1200 meters of polling station, holding public meeting during the period of 4 hours ending with the hour fixed for the close of the poll and the transport and convenience of voters to and from the polling station
  11. No candidate shall be permitted to make use of printed posters. printed pamphlets or any other printed materials for the purpose of canvassing. Candidates may only utilize hand made posters and procured within the expenditure limit set out herein above.
  12. Candidates may only utilise hand made posters at certain places in the campus which shall be notified in advance by the College authority.
  13. No candidate shall be permitted to carry out processions or public meeting or in any way canvass or distribute propaganda outside the college campus.
  14. No candidate shall , nor shall his / her supporters, defaces or causes any destructions to any property of the college campus for any purpose what so ever, without the prior written permission of the college authorities. All candidates shall be held jointly or separately liable for any destruction / defacing of any college property.
  15. During the election period the candidates may hold processions and/or public meetings provided that such procession and / or public meeting to do not in any manner, disturb the classes and other academic and co-curricular activities of the college. Further such procession/ public meeting may not be held without the prior written permission of the college authority.
  16. The use of loudspeakers. vehicles and animals for the purpose of canvassing shall be prohibited.
  17. On the day of polling student organization and candidate shall
    1. Co-operative with the officers on election duty to ensure peaceful and orderly polling and complete freedom to the voters to exercise their franchise without being subjected to any annoyance or obstruction.
    2. Not serve or distribute any eatables, or other solid and liquid consumables, except water on polling day.
    3. Not hand out any propaganda on the poling day
  18. Excepting the voters, no one without a valid pass/letters of authority from the election officer or from the college authority shall enter the polling booths.
  19. All candidates shall be jointly responsible for ensuring the clearing up of the polling area after the conclusion of polling
  20. Any contravenetion. of any of the above recommendation may make the candidate liable to be stripped of his/her candidature, or his / her elected post, as the case may be. The College authority may also take appropriate disciplinary action against such a violator
  21. In addition to the above mentioned code of conduct certain provisions of the Indian Penal Code 1880(section 153-A and chapter-ix-A " Offences Relating to Election" may alsobe applicable to students' election.


Dept of Higher Education2322433
2.Director,Higher Education2393529
3.Vice Chancellor, North Orissa university.255127
4.Registrar, North Orissa University256906
5.Controller of Examination(N.O.University)254597
6.Chaiman, CHSE, Orissa2300903
7.Secretary.CHSE (Orissa)2300905
8.Controller Examination, CHSE Orissa2581907
9.Dy. Secretary Baripada Zone, CHSE253266
10.Sub-Collector Champua06766 240201
06766 240202
11.Jhumpura CHC06766 235624
12.Tahasildar (Champua)06767 240215
13.KCCB, Jhumpura Branch06766 235233
14.Bank of India, Jhumpura Branch06766 235237
14.B.D.O. Jhumpura06766 235238
15.C.I.of School Keonjhar06766 255586
06766 255276
16.Jhumpura Post Office06766 235230
17.Jhumpura Police Station06766 235248
18.Fire Station Keonjhar06766 101
19.Fire Station Jhumpura06766 235113


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