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The last date of receipt of application into 1st year classes will be the 15th day from the date of publication of the result of the qualifying examinations or the order of the D.H.E.Orissa. The last date of admission into 1st year classes of +2 and +3 Courses is the last date of Completion of a period six weeks time or as per the notification of the D.H.E. Orissa. As per the notification of the Higher Education Orissa,

Online Admission as per the DHE Guide line.

Rules for issue of C.L.C., Mark sheet and conduct certificates original and duplicate:

  1. C.L.C. Mark sheets and Conduct certificate etc, In original will be issued ordinarily 3 days after the receipt of the application and deposit of Rs ,10/.
  2. Each application should be accompanied by clearance certificate from Depts, Library, NSS,PET, However of C.L.C.mark sheet and conduct certificate may also be issued on the same day in case of emergency after obtaining permission from the principal on deposit of Rs100/. towards the same along with clearance certificate.
  3. Duplicate C.L.C./T.C. may be issued a student provided that he/ she produces an affidavit sworn in before the 1st class magistrate in support of the loss or damage of the original CLC/TC . The student will submit evidence that F.I.R. at local Police station has been made during loss/damage of the C.L.C./T.C. The student will also deposit a sum of Rs300/- in the College office towards duplicate C.L.C./ T.C. fee and produce a copy of F.I.R. and affidavit along with photo-copy of original C.L.C./ TC or election commission photo-ID card.

1. Academic Session :
The academic session of College is from June to May. But it is mainly comprising of two terms. 1st Term June to December and Second term January to May.

2. Admission :
Admission to different classes begins after the Publication of the H.S.C.and CHSE Examination results and continues till the last date prescribed for such admission by the CHSE or University.

3. Identity Card & Library Card:
Students are advised to keep always with them their Identity Card and Library card which will entitle them to all their privileges as a student. Duplicate Identity Card and Library Card can be issued in cases missing of those giving a proof of authenticity with a fine of Rs.15/. The Identity Card and Library Card are to be surrendered to the College at the time of taking TC./ C.L.C.

4. Dress Code:
As per the the order of the state Government a dress code has been prescribed for the students of this College Boys -Grey pant and cream Blue full shirt, Girls' Grey Salwar and chunri, cream Blue Shirt.

5. Fees & Fines:
Fees are received in the College office on the days fixed for collection, Students shall tender the exact amount of their dues and should stand in a queue near the office counter for depositing their fees. If the dues are not paid on the stipulated date a fine of Rs 0.50 paisa wiil be imposed. Failing which the defaulter names are to be stuck off from college Rolls.
Those who have not cleared the College dues will be forbidden to fill up the CHSE/ University Examination forms promotion to next higher class is also withheld for this reason.

6. C.L.C./ T.C./ Conduct Certificate / Mark Sheet:
Student seeking the above shall have to apply in the prescribed forms obtainable from the College office and shall have to deposit requisite fees. Production of Identity Card is a must at the time of receipt of the above certificate.

7. Rules of Discipline:

  1. Students in uniform should take their seats before the teacher enters the class room and should not ordinarily leave the class during the lecture.
  2. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which will not tamish the good name of the College.
  3. Students are expected to wear neat uniform as per the prescribed dress code.
  4. Students must not spit on the floors, Walls of the College scribbling sticking bills or otherwise disfiguring college walls are strictly prohibited.
  5. Students should use the sanitary or toilets provided for the purpose.
  6. Students are forbidden to invite any outsiders to deliver speeches and for any other purpose without the prior permission of the Principal.
  7. The students are expected to be polite and well behaved with teachers, office bearers and other fellow students.
  8. Any breach of discipline may be punished by a fine or by expulsion or rustication.
  9. Students indulged in ragging to new comers will be seriously viewed
  10. Participate in the College programmes actively.
  11. Students should maintain peace and frostier study atmosphere.
  12. Peacefully participate in the games, N.S.S. Red Cross and other programmes of the College.
  13. They should produce the Identity Card when asked for

8. Tutorials / Practical:
It is the duty of a student to attend the class to which he/she has been assigned soon after the tutorial/ practical groups are formed. In case of non placement in any of the group he/she must bring the fact in writing to the notice of the officer in charge of timetable.

9. Work Experience :
The work experience of the students of +2 stream on different criteria mentioned in the syllabus of CHSE must be strictly followed. The record of the performance of the students in work experience (practical)must be mentioned awarding grades like A.B.C.D.

10. Attendance:
Every student is required to put in 75% of attendance in Genenral Tutorial and Practical classes.Condonation may be granted of 15% for student who represent the college for specified purposes and shall have to obtain 5% extra condonation from Council / University .

11. Notice:
The College Notice Board carries all the informations. instructions decisions and office orders of the College authority. Students are advised to go through the notice board everyday in order to be aware the latest informations and decisions.


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